Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bounce Music - Out of the 9th Ward

Earlier I talked about the 9th Ward, and specifically what is known as the Lower 9th Ward. I made a reference to what is called Bounce Music. I wanted to provide some examples here - courtesy of YouTube. Now, the first video is G rated and the second one is R rated. I almost took the second one down after I made this post but I decided it would be dishonest to do so. These videos ARE representative of Bounce Music, and Bounce Music is a part of the culture of the area you visited. So, if you are easily offended just watch the first video.

G Rated Version

R Rated Version: Can you figure out where the term bounce came from?

I wish now that I had researched more of the culture of New Orleans before making this trip. Not so much the French Quarter, which at age 51 I find a bit tiring and frankly even boring, but the "hidden" areas and things that tourist don't necessarily see. The one thing I think we can improve on if this happens again, another trip with students to help in the rebuilding effort, is the tour of New Orleans. We did not have a guide and at one point literally drove in circles. With some better planning, and I think a GPS system, we could do much better next time.

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